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[Nov. 12th, 2006|06:51 am]
i'm siting in my room in jeans with no underwear and a jacket with no shirt. i've been up all night. in fact if i'm up at 6:30 in the morning, this is basically always the case. i never wake up before noon except sometimes on tuesdays when i've got a class at 10:40. but then i go to architecture class, and on the days i don't go to architecture class i go to studio and work. my life revolves around that. and i don't stay up because i'm doing work, i stay up because that's what my body just does. that's the routine i've gotten myself in. tonight in fact i've been doing laundry for the last 4-ish hours, the first hour being frustration incurred by not being able to use my university card to pay for the machines and searching out quarters somewhere. there, that hour's lost. then these machines take forever, and now it's dawn.

i have tons of homework due in 36 hours. just tons. a 4 foot long model, 2 drawings, and a set of autocad line drawing renderings. oh and atleast 8 hours of sleep, probably more. sleep has taken on a very very high importance for me lately. i feel like i require it above all else. i'm taking 14 credit hours (the minimum for this architecture  semester) skating by with B's in all of my classes (i'm plagued with the second letter in the alphabet), don't have a current social life beyond the studio (which basically seems to entail predominantly my wonderful friend Laura and then John) and my dorm neighbors, and i get on average 10 hours of sleep a day. this actually satisfies me in the short term. as long as i produce pieces of architecture that i love and pass pin-up. and i'm thinking it should be good for the long.

i recently realized how unknowladgeble i am romantically. i'm currently in a situation that i think i've botched so incredibly horribly before it's even started. so i'm afraid it wont. my friend jeremy told me to watch chick flicks, and i think he has a point. so i plan to go to the library and check out as many good chick flicks and  gay romances as i can. hopefully this will help.

yesterday i was on the bus and i swear there was this really loud sonic boom, something i've never heard over gainesville before. it reminded me of the concorde and made me smile. i wonder what it was.

From: ragemonkey
2006-11-19 02:52 am (UTC)
was charlies angels, or blue angels, or whatever flying around.

try doing something other than sex the first time you meet someone. remember i tried to lead you to hang out for a while, get the vibe about the other person first. i know in miami that sex is like a hand shake, and youre from them parts so you have a different view probably.
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